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Every project starts from a question or an idea! How to translate that idea into reality starts with architecture. At we are all experts in our field, capable of creating architectures on different levels: from solution architecture for your business to deployment and application architecture. Architecture helps you and us understand the what of the project.



We truly believe in education and we also love to spread the knowledge. We are of the opinion that the more you, our customer, knows, the more interesting projects we will be involved in. That is why we decided to have multiple MCT’s on board! Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer allows us to give official courses on the Microsoft products.


IT projects

From exchange to office365, from remote desktop to Windows Virtual Desktop. Regardless of the approach to the cloud: lift and shift or PaaS/SaaS-first focus. We’ve got you covered!


Business and data insights

Gathering data leads to information. Analyzing and understanding information leads to knowledge and the ability to act on your data. This circle is so important to us, we decided to integrate as our main offering. We set up, maintain and analyze data warehouses, streaming analytics capabilities, reporting and dashboarding to check on the status of your company or our own projects.



Often times the application or integration you need is not available in the market, requiring a custom solution. At we turn your needs into reality. From architecture, to setup to implementation, we are your one-stop-shop for end-to-end cloud projects.


What We Do

Digital transformation is deemed the most dangerous word on the web right now. Check out what we can do for you to guarantee success.


How We Work

Making sure every developer, tester, project manager and product manager has a role in the team that they feel good in and have a wish to continue to evolve is the #1 goal of every project we start.


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