Our Approach

Project based

Solving your problem is important to us, that is why we treat everything as a project: with a definite start, execution phase and delivery step. Not having to deal with unfinished projects allows us to focus 100% on your project. That is why we will not start working until enough information is available to start and deliver the project.

We truly believe in education and we also love to spread the knowledge. We are of the opinion that the more you, our customer, knows, the more interesting projects we will be involved in. That is why we decided to have multiple MCT’s on board! Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer allows us to give official courses on the Microsoft products.

From exchange to office365, from remote desktop to Windows Virtual Desktop. Regardless of the approach to the cloud: lift and shift or PaaS/SaaS-first focus. We’ve got you covered!


Network of experts

At, we are good at what we do. Even if we would like to know and do everything there is to do in the cloud, it’s simply impossible. The amount of services in the Microsoft cloud increases day after day, and then we’re not talking about all of the products integrating with the Microsoft cloud.

Over the course of years we have met people with specific high-value skillsets. We will introduce them to you or involve them in our project as we need them. With you are not limited to us, but our network too.


Inject skills and knowledge

We believe that teams are more productive when they have fun in their jobs. We make sure every IT engineer, developer, tester, project manager … in short: everyone involved, has a role in the delivery of the project that they feel good in. We know from experience that keeping people motivated is the #1 success factor of a project.

We have always pushed people forward, giving new insights and knowledge by educating both during the project work and in more official training settings.


What We Do

Digital transformation is deemed the most dangerous word on the web right now. Check out what we can do for you to guarantee success.


How We Work

Making sure every developer, tester, project manager and product manager has a role in the team that they feel good in and have a wish to continue to evolve is the #1 goal of every project we start.


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